What To Look For In Charlotte Business Attorney

Whether you’ve decided to file suit against someone as a business owner, or you’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit, there is a lot of stress that goes into the court processes that are soon to follow. One of the main things that mitigates this stress is a competent attorney.

In almost all cases, it is a bad idea to attempt to go through a lawsuit without legal representation. In fact, even many professional lawyers who find themselves in a lawsuit hire another lawyer to represent them. Here’s why.

  • Lawyers understand the importance of having an objective third party negotiating their case for them. So does the judge.
  • Someone involved in a lawsuit is emotionally attached to the case, which can negatively affect their decision making.
  • It looks better to both the judge and the jury.

So, where to start? How should you go about finding potential attorneys to represent you? Memorize the following list and apply it to your search. If you need a business attorney in Charlotte, here are some qualities you should look for.

People Skills


This should be first on your list. If your Charlotte business attorney doesn’t come across as confident and personable to you, how can you expect them to do so to a judge or a jury?

It’s usually not a fun thing to think about, nor is it very fair, but people’s opinions are often swayed by their underlying emotional opinions rather than pure logic. An attorney could have the best case in the world, but if he or she doesn’t know how to present it in a convincing manner that garners the court’s sympathies, they could lose the case due to that factor alone.

This is also an important quality when it comes to communicating with your attorney throughout the trial. You need someone who can effectively communicate with you and give you more confidence as things progress.



Charlotte business attorneys are often working many different cases, and they have to be able to remain organized so as to effectively fight for each client.

So, how are you to know whether or not your potential attorney is organized? You can’t exactly go through their files or root around in their office or computer to find out.

One way you can do this is gage them during the initial consultation. Does the attorney seem like they’re effectively hearing your case and logging information diligently? Or does the attorney seem rushed and pressed for time, not allowing you to effectively communicate the extent of your legal issues?

How about the state of their office? Does it look clean, organized, and consistent?

Another way you can gage this is by considering the size of the firm. How many attorneys do they have working at any given time? A bigger Charlotte law firm may just mean your attorney has more time to stay organized and on top of every little detail – which, in the end, could be the deciding factor that wins you your case.

Finally, ask the attorney about communication. Find out how you two will be communicating quickly and effectively throughout weeks or months of the trial, so that they will have all the details they need from your end, and that you can understand the details of the case and where it is in the system at any given time.

Writing Skills


Writing is a big part of what Charlotte business attorneys do. They need to be able to write opening statements, as well as writing up paperwork for the courts and to keep you updated on certain things throughout the process that might best not be spoken out loud. Ultimately, your attorney needs to be able to express your case for you, so you don’t want a mediocre writer trying to do that.

This is a factor that is very much related to people skills as well. Your Charlotte attorney needs to be able to not only write effectively, but speak effectively as well. One generally follows from the other.

Confidence and Skill During the Court Process


There is a reason almost no one represents themselves in court. It’s the same reason legal representation isn’t a privilege but a right. Simply put, most people don’t know how to navigate the court system. Most people don’t understand the language of the law, how to represent themselves before a court or a judge, or how to understand the jury selection process.

When it comes right down to it, most people simply don’t know how to successfully communicate their case to a judge.

That’s what attorneys are for. It’s their job to know how to do these things, and an experienced Charlotte business attorney will be able to do all of this as it relates to your specific business and your specific case.

Good attorneys are confident. They have to be. It isn’t easy processing all of the attacks coming at you from the opposing party while remaining calm and collected. Attorneys have to be able to fight a case while still looking good to the judge and the court.

A good Charlotte business attorney is able to think quickly on the spot, to process and answer questions presented to them by the judge in regards to laws and cases they’ve presented or cited in their brief.

Good business attorneys also display diligence. You need to know that your attorney has been putting in all the hours necessary to adequately prepare for a trial, rather than just throwing something together last minute. A good business attorney will go over all of the details with a fine toothed comb. This takes hours of work.

When it comes right down to it, you want your attorney to keep the case from ever reaching trial in the first place. Good Charlotte business attorneys know how to negotiate, and that means helping you achieve the best possible outcome without the case ever even making it to trial. Not only is this a huge benefit in terms of time and stress, it is also going to save you plenty of money. The ability to negotiate may just be the best means of fighting a case, as when it comes to court cases of any kind, the best option is usually to end them as quickly as possible.

There are a number of ways you can determine a Charlotte business attorney displays the above characteristics.

  • Start looking before you need help – it’s hard to determine a good attorney when you’re pressed for time.
  • Get referrals from business colleagues.
  • Consult your local state bar association.
  • Look for attorneys with a commercial referral service.
  • Review the attorney’s credentials.
  • Look for online reviews.

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