Value-Based Billing

“There is nothing more expensive than a bad lawyer.”
-Mike Gowen

You don’t want to pay for time. You want to pay for value.

If you’re calling us, you’re probably about to take a risk–whether it’s in the context of filing a lawsuit or becoming an entrepreneur. A business attorney should help you limit those risks, and that includes the risks that come with attorneys’ fees.

Ever ask a lawyer what something costs?

Bet you didn’t get a straight answer.

As a business person, you need to be able to plan. And “it depends” is a lousy way to budget. There are certainly legal issues for which costs can be difficult to project. But in many, if not most instances, an experienced attorney should be able to give you at least an estimate. At [ask LEGAL], we do our best to tell you what we think it will cost on day one. Usually, we’re pretty close. More importantly, though, we’ll tell you when we don’t think it’s worth paying us at all.

At [ask LEGAL], we try to align our incentives with yours.

So we offer value-based billing. For some clients, that means providing excellent legal services at a reasonable hourly rate of $300/hour. For others, however, it means alternative fee arrangements, including:

General Counsel Plans
Pay a low monthly fee for General Counsel Services.
Flat Fees
You pay a single fee for a specific service. No more. No less.
Hybrid Fees
You pay a reduced hourly rate (usually 2/3 of our standard rates). If and when we recover money for you, you’ll pay us a percentage of what we recover (usually 25%).
Contingent Fees
You pay a small placement fee (usually 10% of the amount you’re owed) and the out-of-pocket costs (like filing fees or court reporter costs). Other than that, you pay nothing unless and until we recover money for you, when you’ll pay us a percentage of what we recover (usually 33.33%).

Of course, these are just examples of arrangements we often enter into; each case is different, and not all arrangements are available in every case. Want to discuss how we can help in your case, or propose a custom arrangement? Contact us today.