Harrison Lord

When starting, running, and even closing a business, business law is something that’s going to be involved. Business law affects all businesses no matter their type. It could be an LLC, a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or even a non-profit. Running your business successfully means not only working within the bounds of the law, but [...]

What does a small business litigation attorney do? A litigation attorney, for small business, can assist in many ways to protect or further the interests of a business. Also, an attorney can help minimize risk, shift liability, and help to avoid litigation. What an attorney can do for a small business will vary based on [...]

How will business law change in the next 20 years? Business law encompasses all aspects of starting and running a business. This means that sole proprietorships, general partnerships, LLCs, and corporations all fall under the umbrella called business law. We live in a very innovative world that changes drastically day to day. Many of these [...]

What kinds of things can a small business lawyer offer for small businesses? A small business lawyer can be indispensable to a newly forming business. They can perform tasks as simple as assisting the business in creating a trademark all the way to protecting the business in complex litigation. A lawyer can offer a small [...]

What is trademark infringement?   The key to finding trademark infringement centers around the likelihood of consumer confusion. When unauthorized, similar, trademarks or service marks are used in commerce, consumers can become confused as to the source of the goods or services. This could present a case for infringement. In order for a business litigator [...]

Starting a business is not an easy thing to do. It requires hard work, dedication, foresight, and sacrifice. Needless to say, the last thing you need on your mind is the possibility or reality of some kind of legal issue. [ask LEGAL] has the Charlotte business lawyers you need to help ensure that you aren’t [...]

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